• G.S.Electricals is having 4 KL, 6 KL & 10 KL (ultra high vacuum) Mobile Filter Plants.
  • We are one of the Leading Company in Respect of Transformer Oil purification.
  • We Attend No. of transformers every year from 1000 KVA to 315 MVA for oil purification on Quality basis.
  • The filtration machines in the vehicles will be cleaned (filter packs) and maintained after every service of oil purification to assure quality for the next purification order.
  • We respect time so our work will be done within the customers requested time for purifications without any disturbance.


Special features of Mobile Filter equipment:

The high vacuum ultra purification of transformer oil plant of capacity 4000 & 6000 LPH. The plant mobile whenever required along with the arrangements for attachment and brought with the vehicle. The plant is weather proof suitable for outdoor and indoor operation shall be provided all facilities. The oil filtration online plant designed for high vacuum and low temperature of oil for achieving required results. As the high temperature will have effective oil properties.

Vacuum system with degassing. The systems shall be capable of achieving and end vacuum level of less than 0.5 torr in the second stage degasses pump will have the specification of two stage rotary oil sealed vacuum pump.

After the purification of the oil, the oil test sample results will be provided to the customers. Moisture contents from 100 PPM < 5 PPM